G-4 Gonio Lens (NoFlange) | Volk
G-4 Gonio Lens (NoFlange) | Volk
G-4 Gonio Lens

G-4 Gonio Lens

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4-Mirror, All-Glass Design

  • 4-mirror design allows for comprehensive examination and treatment of the trabecular meshwork with minimal lens rotation
  • Available with a
    • large ring (28.5 mm)
    • a small ring (25.5 mm)
    • 2-position handle (right/left handed)
  • No flange version is ideal for dynamic and indentation gonioscopy
  • Flanged version provides stability for laser trabeculoplasty
  • 4 mirror, Sussman style lens with unbeatable Volk optics enables high detail examination of the angle structures 
  • Also available in a handled (Posner-style) model
Mirror Angles Image Magnification Laser Spot Size Contact Diameter
4 x 64°
1.0x 1.0x

Flange: 15 mm

No Flange: 8.4 mm


Please note: Engraving is not available on cases for the handled gonio lens


Flange, Large Ring - PART # VG4

No Flange, Large Ring - PART # VG4LNF

No Flange, Small Ring - PART # VG4SNF

No Flange, 2-in-1 Handle (Posner style) - PART # VG4HAN2



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