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Step into the digital era of healthcare and unlock new frontiers in medical innovation with Volk's Digital range of products. With our advanced digital imaging solutions and cutting-edge telemedicine technologies, we empower healthcare professionals to elevate diagnostic capabilities, enhance patient care, and revolutionize healthcare delivery.


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  • A Complete Imaging Experience

    Overall, I am very impressed with the VistaView. It is easy-to-use and the image quality is really good. One of the most impressive features about the camera is the red-free images, especially when I am seeing patients for diabetic retinopathy detection and monitoring retinal changes. This helps retina specialists review red-free images to quickly determine hemorrhages and detect exacerbations, cotton wool spots, microaneurysms, and many other vascular anomalies as well. The device lets you add detailed patient information and clinical notes in a consolidated app.

    Rishi Singh, MD Retina Surgeon

    Medical Director of Informatics Cole Eye Institute, Cleveland Clinic, OH, USA

  • The Prestige Brings So Much More Opportunity To Run My Practice.

    What's brilliant about Prestige is the portability and the speed of taking high quality retinal images. It takes a few seconds and I have been able to take great retinal photos from newborns at six weeks, all the way to seniors at 90 years old without having to wait dilation. I also find that I can get pretty far out in the periphery leveraging Prestige's wide field imaging and 9 fixation targets. Its very simple to transfer the pictures via USB or WIFI to your computer.

    Sal Jivraj, OD MBA, FAAO, FEAOO, FCOptom, FBCLA

    Calgary, Canada & London, UK