Who We Are

Volk Optical is the leading brand manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses, diagnostic imaging, and surgical products for the ophthalmic industry. We are honored to serve the global community based in Cleveland, OH reaching more than 100 countries and supporting eye health worldwide.

Volk is part of Halma PLC., a global group of life-saving technology companies providing innovative products and services that help solve many of the key problems facing the world today.

Our Mission

Our History

Our History

Our Technology

Volk has revolutionized the design and manufacturing of the ophthalmic lens producing a dynamic line of more than 100 different lenses that can be found in any doctor’s set across the world.

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We are proud to have established the industry standard and are determined to continue serving our community by continually raising the bar by providing the highest quality solutions leading to the eradication of preventable blindness.