Eradicating Preventable Blindness

Modern Technology & Timeless Craftmanship  



Volk Optical is the leading brand manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses, diagnostic imaging, and surgical products for the ophthalmic industry. We are steadfastly dedicated to eradicating preventable blindness through accessible imaging of the eye. We are honored to serve the global community reaching more than 100 countries and supporting eye health worldwide. Volk is part of the global health and safety sensor technology group, Halma PLC.

Volk Lens



Founded over 40 years ago, Volk continues to integrate quality and artisanal craftmanship with modern technology to bring the world’s leading ophthalmic lenses in the hands of the very doctors, scientists, and researchers who are putting our mission to work: eradicating preventable blindness 






    Servicing Our Global Community 


    Pictor Plus

    As the pioneer of aspheric lenses, we take pride in our innovation and continue to carry on the legacy of our founder, Dr. David Volk. We have always made education cornerstone of our work and are passionate about cultivating the next generation of eye care professionals supporting several educational organizations and schools. 




     Volk fosters an essential global connection that ensures accessibility of the highest quality care in communities that are often underserved. Our lenses and imaging devices allow for optimal use in every environment with a high level of efficiency and efficacy. This has transformed the screening, diagnosis and treatment process for preventable blindness in parts of the world that have limited access to resources.



    Volk is committed to providing practical solutions for practitioners so they can effortlessly deliver excellent care to every individual. 

    Revolutionizing What You Can See 


    Volk has revolutionized the design and manufacturing of the ophthalmic lens producing a dynamic line of more than 100 different lenses that can be found in any doctor’s set across the world.
    We are proud to have established the industry standard and are determined to continue serving our community by continually raising the bar by providing the highest quality solutions leading to the eradication of preventable blindness.