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25D BIO Lens

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This lens is designed general retinal diagnosis with a field of view that is greater than the usual 20D.

With a 2.54x magnification, this lens also provides detailed visualization of retinal structures.

This lens can be used for dynamic wide field retinal imaging as well as posterior pole examination. Thus, this is lens is an apt choice be it for glaucoma screening or retinal peripheral tears or central and peripheral hemorrhages.

The optical profile of this lens places it very close to a Volk Pan Retinal 2.2 lens although the ring diameter of the 25D is smaller and can thus be an appropriate choice for those practitioners with petite fingers and like a smaller profile than the Pan retinal or the 20D.


 Field of View
Image Magnification Laser Spot Magnification Working Distance
52° / 68° 2.54x 0.39x 38 mm



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