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Ideal for clear visualization with no fogging

As we adjust to life in the COVID-era “new normal,” masking is still required in many offices and clinics. As a result, patients and practitioners alike have to deal with fogging lenses. This slows down examinations and obscures the perfect views necessary for accurate diagnosis. 

With Volk ClearPod you can keep seeing clearly. By diverting fog away from your lens surface, the ClearPod lets you conduct detailed examinations without interruption.

Designed With Doctors, for Doctors

For a confident and correct diagnosis, we know clear visualization is crucial. To solve the problem of fogging, we developed the ClearPod with the help of experts like you. We collaborated with Dr. Jeremy Wingard and Dr. Bradley Sacher to design the patent-pending ClearPod as a fog-minimizing solution that is simple, effective, and practical.

With ClearPod, you can reclaim the Volk clarity you remember and trust during your retina exam with uninterrupted visualization. It's no longer necessary to ask patients to remove their masks, deal with messy tape or use solutions that erode your lens coatings.

  • ClearPod acts as a lens shield with a wing and flange that efficiently direct warm currents of air away from your optical path
  • Your lens will fit perfectly in the ClearPod with an inner ledge that guides it into the right position every time
  • The optimized fit and shape let you securely clip your lens while maintaining your natural grip
  • ClearPod’s flange is designed to balance fog diversion with the right working distance

The ClearPod is available for four indispensable Volk lenses: the 90D Lens, the 78D Lens, the Digital Wide Field Lens and the SuperField Lens. 

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