Digital Lens Series Set of 2 - including Digital High Mag and Digital Wide Field
Digital Lens Series Set of 2 - including Digital High Mag and Digital Wide Field

Digital Lens Series Set of 2 - including Digital High Mag and Digital Wide Field

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Bundle the Digital High Mag, and Digital Wide Field together.

Volk medium Multi Lens Case included. Choose between blue and black! 

The Digital Series is Volk Optical’s newest generation of non-contact slit lamp lenses. This Digital Lens Set of 2 includes the Digital High Mag Slit Lamp Lens for superior magnification ideal for glaucoma screening and Digital Wide Field Lens which provides the highest resolution pan retinal examination at the slit lamp. Upgrade your Volk Optical Lens Series with this new generation of 90D and 60D lenses


Digital Wide Field – Our high-resolution widest field slit lamp lens for comprehensive retina examination with ideal magnification.  

  • 40% more field of view than the Classic 90D, the widest field of view available in a noncontact lens  
  • Allows crystal clear, distortion-free views spanning from central retina to the periphery
  • A shorter working distance will enable appreciation of the full wide field of view capability of this lens 

Digital High Mag – Our high-resolution highest magnification lens for detailed examination of optic nerve head and macula. Next generation 60D lens with highest magnification for non-contact slit lamp lenses.  

  • High magnification, along with outstanding stereopsis, provide detailed stereo views of the optic disc, the optic nerve, and the retinal nerve fiber layer making this lens ideal for glaucoma screening  
  • Image magnification of 1.30x is the highest magnification available in a non-contact slit lamp lens 


The Digital Series incorporates advanced optical lens design to minimize distortion and enhance stereopsis coupled with low dispersion glass to reduce chromatic aberrations. These lenses have advanced A/R coatings to reduce reflections and glare up to 50% more than traditional coatings, resulting in high resolution imaging & superior optical clarity. See detailed views of the retina that were previously unattainable. Whether you’re looking for a wider field of view or higher magnification, Volk’s Digital Series has you covered.  



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