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Volk Digital Series High Mag Lens

Digital Series High Mag® Lens

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Ideal for High Resolution, High Magnification Retinal Examination

Experience the best level of detail and accuracy in your eye exams with Digital Series High Mag®, featuring the highest magnification in the slit lamp lens range. Our 3rd generation 78D lens facilitates superior posterior pole examination, sharp high-resolution imaging of the macula and optic disk, and enhanced stereo view for improved ONH parameters and macula health.

  • 50° / 70° field of view
  • 1.30x image magnification
  • 0.77x laser spot magnification
  • 13 mm working distance
  • High magnification and outstanding stereopsis provide detailed stereo views of the optic disc, optic nerve and the retinal nerve fiber layer – great for glaucoma screening
  • Available in black, blue, gold, green, purple, red, silver

Part Number: VDGTLHM


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