Equator Plus® Lens
114° / 137° field of view Lens

Equator Plus® Lens

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Ideal for Small Pupil Diagnosis and Treatment

From the central to mid-peripheral retina, the Equator Plus provides high-resolution mid-field viewing, even through small pupils, making it indispensable for PRP laser treatments. Its small pupil capability is crucial in assessing and treating high-risk patients, such as those prone to angle closure and iris neovascularization, where dilation is to be avoided. Additionally, the compact size of the lens body allows for effortless manipulation within the orbit while maintaining ample space between the laser and the patient's eye. 

  • 114° / 137° field of view
  • 0.44x image magnification
  • 2.27x laser spot magnification
  • Available in no Flange and ANF+ contact options
  • Wide field imaging and small pupil capability

Part Number: VEPANF+ (ANF+ version) and VEPNF (No flange) 


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