Laser Lens Essentials Bundle

Laser Lens Essentials Bundle

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 Our Laser Lens Bundle combines all of the lenses you need for laser treatment. Keep this collection on hand and ready to go when you need, where you need. 

This bundle includes our Rapid SLT lens with 4 views instead of one to provide simultaneous views of the trabecular meshwork and iridocorneal angle – reducing the need for lens rotation. The Singh Mid-Vitreous Lens provides unmatched depth of focus for viewing the entire vitreous chamber, giving you clear identification of floater locations and relative positions to the lens and retina. Our Capsulotomy Lens provides precise and safe laser application when clearing opacified lenticular tissue for post-cataract/secondary cataract Laser Capsulotomy Procedures. Don't forget the Iridectomy Lens which creates high-detail views of the iris to ensure an efficient transfer of laser energy for treatment of closed angle glaucoma. 

Bundle Includes: 


- VCAPS Capsulotomy Lens

VIRID Iridectomy Lens

- VSMV Singh Mid-Vitreous Lens 

- Multi-Lens Case (choose between blue or black!)


    Cleaning and Care Guide