Mini Quad® Lens
Volk Mini Quad® Lens
Mini Quad® Lens - Blue
Mini Quad® Lens sideview
106° / 127° field of view

Mini Quad® Lens

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Ideal for Indirect Viewing and Treatment of Peripheral Retinal Disorders

Get a comprehensive, clear wide view of the entire retina including the ora serrata with the Mini Quad® Lens. With its smaller ring, you'll be able to easily manipulate within the orbit for detailed Indirect Viewing and Treatment of Peripheral Retinal Disorders. The lens makes repairing retinal detachments and giant retinal tears easier than ever before. It comes in both standard and self-stabilizing contact (SSV®) options, and a version that’s autoclave sterilizable.

  • 106° / 127° field of view
  • 0.39x / 0.48x image magnification
  • Available in standard and self-stabilizing contact (SSV®) options
  • Available in autoclave sterilizable design
  • Smaller ring facilitates manipulation within the orbit
  • Ideal for retinal detachments, PDR and giant retinal tears

Part Number:
VMQVIT (Standard)
VMQVITSSV (with self stabilizing contact)
VMQVITSSVACS (Autoclave Sterilizable ACS®)


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