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Singh Mid-Vitreous Lens

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Made for treating symptomatic midvitreous floaters by Laser Floater Treatment (LFT), this lens provides unmatched superior depth of focus that allows viewing the entire vitreous chamber from the posterior lens to the retina for the treatment of floaters. This allows clear context as to the location of the floaters as well the relative position with respect to the lens and the retina, contributing to safe and confident laser application. This is very important to make sure that the laser energy is not incident on the ocular lens/IOL surface or at the retina causing irreversible damage.    

  • Superior depth of focus
  • Flange provides optimum control over the eye
  • Lens helps place the laser accurately at the appropriate location and prevent misfiring
  • Effective vaporization of mid-vitreous floaters
 Image Magnification
Laser Spot Magnification
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