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TransEquator® Lens

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The TransEquator is a perfect choice for treating retinal abnormalities in the mid-peripheral to the central retinal region, similar to the Rodenstock Pan Fundus lens. This field of view allows visualization of those defects which are neither too peripheral nor central and lie mid-way to the periphery. The 0.70x magnification enables high detail examination and visualization of the retina for precise and accurate laser spot placement.  Thus, this lens makes for a great combination lens whether you are performing PRP laser treatments or centrally targeted grid laser treatments.

  • Field of View up to the mid-peripheral retina
  • Ideal for both PRP and grid laser treatments
  • Visualize and treat mid-peripheral retinal tears, holes as well as central retinal defects
  • Available in Flange, no Flange and ANF+ contact options


 Field of View
Image Magnification Laser Spot Magnification
110°/132° 0.70x 1.44x


With Flange - PART #VTE

No Flange - PART #VTENF




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