VistaView™ Mydriatic Portable Fundus Camera
Add red-free filters, make notes on your findings, review patient history, and consolidate into a password protected report, ready to share anytime. The VistaView is a portable fundus camera that does it all!
Successfully image patients from all populations, including darker retinas, while maintaining patient comfort with user-adjustable illumination levels. Ideal for accommodating photophobic patients. Capture clear, bright fundus images wherever you are and whoever you are imaging!
VistaView offers you the widest field of view in its class with 55˚ field of view of the retina in a single capture and even more with dynamic imaging.
Add red-free filters,right on the device to facilitate the detection of any vascular anomalies such as Microaneurysms, hemorrhages
Mydriatic Portable Fundus Camera
Volk Optical

VistaView™ Mydriatic Portable Fundus Camera

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Compact and Portable Mydriatic Fundus Camera

Where power and portability meet affordable with clear widefield retinal imaging directly in your pocket. The VistaView was designed with the vision of addressing the overwhelming need that every eye doctor should have their own reliable, affordable, connected retinal camera without having to compromise on quality. The VistaView integrates the power of Volk optics with the simplicity, portability, and affordability of smartphone technology, allowing everyone access and ownership of a quality portable, mydriatic retinal camera.

Compact and lightweight, Volk’s mydriatic VistaView fundus camera allows you to take high resolution retinal images in under 90 seconds! The VistaView app is designed to help simplify your workflow – easily create and access patient files, image, and analyze findings or generate reports with notes. 

From its ergonomic design to its intuitive features, the VistaView camera utilizes powerful imaging technology so you can capture high-resolution, detailed images without compromising on comfort and convenience. Its lightweight frame and compact size offer increased portability - letting you perform all your imaging needs anywhere in your practice or on the worksite in a snap. You can easily look through your images or manipulate them using the intuitive 8” HD touch screen for previewing, capturing and leaving reviews. 

The device also offers improved fluidity and functionality for digitized data with three USB ports for connecting different components. Its integrated slit lamp adapter allows handsfree adjustments enabling users to operate it differently from standard cameras. Featuring illuminated recording capability of up to 3 fields at once, the VistaView Camera enables fast image capture without ever compromising image quality – even when taken in low light conditions! 

So whether you're looking to keep up with growing patient demand no matter where they are or maintain your competitive fee structure - Volk's VistaView Portable Fundus Camera is taking mydriatic retinal imaging technology to unprecedented levels of excellence!

Key Features:  

  • Lightweight and compact so you can accelerate your workflow by bringing the camera to your patients.
  • 55 degree field of view paired with proprietary optics produce wide, distortion-free images to monitor and record retinal pathologies
  • Ideal for private optometry clinics, home call eye care clinics, optometry students and grads, mission trips, screening visits
  • Intuitive design to make imaging quick and easy – allowing you to image more patients and eliminate long lead times or repeat appointments. No learning curve required.
  • Export DICOM images for billing, consultations, and referrals on the go
  • Your vision starts with Volk. Optical excellence and brand assurance in the best visualization possible.


  • VOICE ACTIVATED IMAGE CAPTURE: For when you need an extra hand!
  • RED-FREE FILTER: To help enhance vascular visualization
  • USB-C CHARGING: No external batteries needed!
  • WIRED EXPORT TO PC VIA USB-C: Just drag and drop your files to your computer
  • INSTANT REPORT GENERATION WITH CASE NOTES: So you can see your next patient sooner
  • DICOM FILE EXPORT: To easily connect patient images to your EMR
  • PASSWORD PROTECTED DATA EXPORT: To provide a layer of protection during data sharing
  • ON-BOARD PATIENT DATA SEARCH AND SORTING: All your patient data in one place
  • AUTOFOCUS & MANUAL FOCUS WITH -15D TO +15D ADJUSTMENT: Choose your level of control
  • LIGHT SOURCE: White LED Light
  • STORAGE: 128 GB
  • RESOLUTION: 31 pixels/degree horizontal, 24.8 pixels/degree vertical
  • EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS: 88 x 202 x 103 mm
  • WEIGHT: 560 grams
  • WARRANTY: 1 year
  • Phone included: No need to purchase an additional phone or worry about compatibility!



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