Volk®1 Single-Use 20D (1 box of 10)
45° / 58° field of view
Volk Optical

Volk®1 Single-Use 20D (1 box of 10)

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Ideal for General Diagnostics

Industry standard diagnostic lens in a single-use format

Find the clarity you need for accurate diagnosis with the Single-Use 20D lens. Our lens offers a perfect balance of magnification and field of view, allowing you to examine the optic disc and macula in-depth for confident diagnoses. Plus, its anti-reflective coating reduces distracting glare, making it ideal for use in any environment – in office, mobile clinics, outreach programs and more.

  • 45° / 58° field of view
  • Anti-reflective coating to reduce glare
  • Balanced magnification and field of view
  • Small pupil capability
  • Includes 1 box of 10 lenses

Part Number: V20LCD10