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Today’s lesson: Imaging and Reimbursement. Volk’s portable imagers-the Pictor Plus and iNview-are becoming essential clinical tools to aid in diagnosis, documentation and telemedicine, and their fundus exams are eligible for Medicare reimbursement. Here’s how to make sure your exams conform to the Medicare reimbursement guidelines.

Volk's Cameras

Pictor Plus is a handheld ophthalmic camera with high resolution retinal imaging capabilities. 

Pictor Plus


iNview is an iPhone compatible lens attachment that enables wide-angle fundus photography using Volk’s free iNview app and the iPhone’s camera.


Medicare’s Guidelines

Imaging with either device is covered similarly. To help physicians comply with Medicare’s guidelines, Volk has provided a reimbursement guide from Corcoran Consulting group, available for download (WHAT DOCUMENT)

A few highlights from these FAQs:

  • The CPT Code is 92250, Fundus photography with interpretation and report. When bundled with other tests or used in telemedicine, other codes apply, see guide for detail.
  • For coverage, Medicare requires a medical indication for the exam: diabetes, high blood pressure, glaucoma risk factor, acute macular degeneration, retinopathy of prematurity, observed abnormality, etc. Images taken as baseline documentation or preventative screening are generally not covered.
  • The patient chart should contain specific documentation beyond the resulting digital images, including: rationale, findings and diagnosis, see guide for a full list of required information.