Single-Use Lenses

When safety and convenience are your top priorities, Volk's Single-Use lenses deliver. Designed for optimal imaging and minimal glare, our pre-sterilized lenses offer the ultimate solution for minimizing infection risks and maximizing efficiency. These lenses are perfect for routine examination, laser treatments, and surgical procedures.

See What Doctors are Saying

  • Safe & Efficient

    Since the reports of using reusable lenses during Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) screening rounds were linked to infection transmission and serious adverse outcomes in the NICU, I have explored different options to maintain sterile equipment for use during my ROP screening rounds. I feel that the quality and field-of-view of the Volk Single-Use 28D lens is equivalent to the standard and I currently use a separate Volk Single-Use 28D lens for each infant during ROP screening rounds to reduce the risk of infection transmission between infants being examined. I have found that using Volk Single-Use 28D lenses for ROP screening rounds is more efficient than following a protocol to disinfect and reuse standard lenses between infants being screened.

    S. Grace Prakalapakorn, MD, MPH

    Pediatric Ophthalmologist, Durham, NC, USA

  • Widest Field of View in Single-Use!

    The Volk1 Indirect wide-angle lens rivals top-tier Volk lenses like HRX and MiniQuadXL in clarity. Its vast field of view ensures unmatched visibility across all mediums, making vitrectomy procedures and educational recordings superior. Complex retina cases are now simpler to tackle, thanks to its flawless peripheral view. Most notably, its self-stabilizing (SSV) feature ensures unmatched stability, negating the need for external support.

    Manish Nagpal, MD FRCS FASRS

    Director of Retina Foundation, Ahmedabad, India