Gonioscopy Lenses

Unlock the full potential of gonioscopy with Volk's industry-standard Gonio lenses. We offer a full portfolio to provide the tools you need – whether you’re starting out your practice, expanding your lens range, or searching for a treatment lens – we're here to empower you throughout your workflow.

See What Doctors are Saying

  • Quick and Easy Angle Viewing

    The Volk G4 is an easy all-around lens to view the angle. It is easy to insert and quickly obtain a good view. It allows you to efficiently and effectively view the angle without requiring any rotation and is comfortable for the patient.

    Rachel N. Brackley, OD FAAO

    Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University, Philadelphia, PA, USA

  • My Go-To Gonio Lens

    The Volk G3 is one of my go-to gonioscopy lenses. The flange is great for stabilizing the lens, especially for challenging patients who squeeze their lids or move their eyes. In addition to gonioscopy, the G3 is phenomenal for retina evaluation. I love the magnified stereo image you can get during slit lamp examination of the retina. It allows me to view the retina from posterior pole to ora seratta. I always use my G3 gonio lens when I need a better look at a retinal lesion. I recommend the G3 to all my students.

    Lloyd Pate, OD ABCMO

    Clinical Associate Professor University of Houston, College of Optometry, Houston, TX, USA