Pan Retinal® 2.2 - Pan Retinal Lens
Pan Retinal® 2.2 - Purple
Pan Retinal® 2.2 - Silver
Pan Retinal® 2.2 - Blue
Pan Retinal® 2.2 - Yellow
Pan Retinal® 2.2 - Green
Pan Retinal® 2.2 - Red
56° / 73° field of view

Pan Retinal® 2.2

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Ideal for General Diagnosis and Treatment

See an unbeatable, clear view of the mid peripheral region and the peripheral retina with the Pan Retinal® 2.2 Lens! This lens provides a wider field of view for faster general diagnosis. With dynamic examination you can easily identify peripheral retinal tears, hemorrhages, and other defects. The Pan Retinal® 2.2 Lens lets you swiftly diagnose and treat your patients with confidence and accuracy.

  • 56° / 73° field of view
  • 2.68x image magnification
  • 0.37x laser spot magnification
  • 40 mm working distance
  • Perfect balance of magnification and field of view for general diagnosis
  • Enables examination through small pupils
  • Available in black, blue, gold, green, purple, red, silver

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