VistaView Slit Lamp Adapter
VistaView Slit Lamp Adapter
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VistaView Slit Lamp Adapter

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Your favorite portable fundus camera can now be mounted on a slit lamp!

Our VistaView Slit Lamp Adapter allows you to use your portable imaging solution for slit lamp examinations. Simply mount it to your slit lamp, insert your VistaView, and align it to the retina for quick documentation. Bring the convenience of portability, flexibility, and reliability to your practice.  


Key features:

  • Perform slit lamp examinations – including documentation and recording – without leaving the slit lamp 
  • Easily align your VistaView camera to the retina using a slit lamp joystick 
  • Universal mount allows the adapter to fit all standard slit lamps  
  • Compatible with the latest generation VistaView portable fundus camera