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78D Lens

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Ideal for General Diagnosis and Laser Treatment

See more with the 78D Lens! Get clear and large views of the central mid-retinal regions with its double aspheric design and field of view. This lens is perfect for doctors who regularly see patients prone to glaucoma and other posterior pole abnormalities. It offers high magnification without drastically diminishing field of view. The 78D is popular as a general diagnosis lens among doctors who prefer a larger ring size than our smaller profile 90D, but dilation is necessary for optimal imaging.

  • 81° / 97° field of view
  • 0.93x image magnification
  • 1.08x laser spot magnification
  • 8 mm working distance
  • Provides great balance of magnification and field of view
  • Optimized for use within range of motion of all slit lamps
  • Available in black, blue, gold, green, purple, red, silver

Part Number: V78C


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