Super Macula® 2.2 Lens
1.49x image magnification

Super Macula® 2.2 Lens

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Ideal for High Magnification Examination and Treatment of the Posterior Pole 

With the highest magnification in retina laser lens range, the Super Macula 2.2 lens offers unrivaled detail and distortion-free imaging, enabling critical examination of the optic nerve head and macular pathologies with exceptional precision. The carefully designed flange provides optimal stability and control on the cornea, facilitating easy manipulation of the tall lens body.

  • 60° / 78° field of view
  • 1.49x image magnification
  • 0.67x laser spot magnification
  • Highest magnification imaging of the posterior pole of any indirect contact lens
  • Ideal for critical evaluation of the optic nerve head and macula

Part Number: VSMAC2.2


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