Volk1 Single-Use Chalam Vitrectomy Set with Self-Stabilizing Feet
Volk1 Single-Use Chalam Vitrectomy Set with Self-Stabilizing Feet
Volk1 Single-Use Chalam Vitrectomy Set with Self-Stabilizing Feet
Volk1 Single-Use Chalam Vitrectomy Set with Self-Stabilizing Feet
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Volk1 Single-Use Chalam Vitrectomy Set with Self-Stabilizing Feet

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Meet the Volk1 Chalam Vitrectomy Set, where widefield visualization meets high magnification. Elevate your OR across all stages of vitreoretinal surgery. More simplicity, without compromising on clarity. 


Simplicity Meets Convenience 

Say goodbye to the clutter of multiple tools and lenses. This bundle empowers you to work with your tools, not around them for the best views EVERY time.  

Comprehensive Visualization 

With the combination of our Direct and Indirect lenses, you'll have a complete view of the retina, from the central to the periphery, ensuring that nothing goes unnoticed. 

Stability designed by a surgeon for surgeons 

Developed in collaboration with Dr. KV Chalam, Self-stabilizing feet ensure superior stability with minimal instrument interference.   

Precision Matters 

Eliminate distortion and uncertainty due to corneal abnormalities or reflections with direct corneal placement regardless of patient-to-patient variation.   

The Best View, Every Time 

Harness the power of Volk's Patented Double Aspheric Lens Design for distortion-free views that give you the clarity needed with unmatched quality every SINGLE time. With Volk1, experience pristine lenses with each and every procedure. 

Don't compromise on your ability to provide the best care for your patients. Upgrade to our Chalam Vitrectomy Set and experience the simplicity and clarity that will elevate your OR.  



  • SMALL AND MIGHTY LENS DESIGN: Compact, easy-to-use lenses are designed with lightweight, high-quality materials so you have the power of increased stability without worry of added weight or tilt.  
  • WIDE FIELD OF VIEW MEETS HIGH MAGNIFICATION: 106 degrees of visualization with our Indirect Vitrectomy Lens paired with the high magnification on our Flat Vitrectomy Lens allows you to use this set for all stages of vitreoretinal surgery. 
  • PATENTED SELF-STABILIZING FEET (SSV): Self-stabilizing feet allow for the reduction of tools and hands needed, saving valuable time in the operating room. Designed with expert Dr. KV Chalam to ensure you have the ultimate confidence in even the most complicated of cases.  
  • DIRECT CORNEAL PLACEMENT: Don’t let light abnormalities due to noncontact systems affect the quality of your visualization. Experience optimal views despite patient-to-patient variation on the cornea with our contact lens design. 
  • UNMATCHED QUALITY OF OPTICS: Powered by Volk Optics for consistently sharp views – meaning safer, clearer, ENHANCED procedures.  



Volk1 Direct Flat Vitrectomy Lens with SSV: This lens is your trusted companion for stability and precision when working on the central retina. Whether you're performing ILM peeling or intricate macula work, the Volk1 Direct Flat Vitrectomy Lens with SSV ensures you have a clear and stable view, allowing you to work with confidence and accuracy. 

Volk1 Indirect Vitrectomy Lens with SSV: When it comes to complex retina detachment cases, having a widefield view is crucial. The Volk1 Indirect Vitrectomy Lens with SSV provides you with the confidence to spot even the most challenging peripheral tears. Say goodbye to the uncertainty of missing critical details during your procedures. 




Single-Use Indirect Vitrectomy Lens with SSV: 

  • 0.55x Image magnification 
  • 127° (dynamic) | 106° (static) Field of View 
  • Ideal for retinal detachments, PVR, retinal tears

Single-Use Flat Lens with SSV:  

  • 30° Field of View 
  • 0.92x Image Magnification 
  • Patented SSV design (self-stabilizing) feet maximizes stability and greater access for instrumentation when working closer to the center axis 
  • Ideal for visualizing the posterior pole in ILM peeling 


Product Code: VSUVITSET (Set of 20 total lenses)