Laser Lenses

Our laser lenses deliver high-resolution imaging and aberration-free viewing, combined with excellent stereo imaging, for efficient and comfortable laser procedures for all of your anterior and posterior segment needs.

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  • Wide Field Views for PRP

    The HR Wide Field lens provides excellent views of the peripheral retina and in conjunction with proper patient gaze instructions, enables me to apply PRP just anterior to the ora serrata. In addition, the compact and light-weight size of this lens simplifies manipulation of the lens within the orbit leading to shortened procedure times and is especially helpful and comfortable for patients with narrow palpebral fissures. The high refractive index of the lens also reduces the aberrations associated with any lens system. The optical design of the lens also enables simple optical alignment enabling easy visualization and is forgiving to small movements, allowing for excellent image quality during PRP. The HR Wide Field is my go-to lens for delivery of PRP in proliferative retinal diseases and for detailed evaluation of the peripheral retina.

    K. V. Chalam, MD

    Professor & Director of Retina Loma Linda University School of Medicine, Loma Linda, CA, USA

  • Premium Lenses for Premium Surgery

    Premium cataract surgery does not end with just a new lens implant, it also needs perfect YAG Capsulotomy and optical clearance for best outcomes and 20/happy patients.

    In my 100% premium cataract practice, I take advantage of the optical superiority (visibility) of Volk Capsulotomy lenses to perform exact YAG Capsulotomy with zero implant pitting (due to excellent focus) and minimal laser energy (safety).

    Since we have a worldwide referral base of complex corneas and cataracts, I can also use these lenses to perform YAG Capsulotomy through previous radial keratotomy and scarred corneas (which otherwise take longer and higher energy to get through in between scarred areas). Additionally, I have had great success in immobilizing the eye during YAG Capsulotomy in Nystagmus cases.

    The Volk Iridectomy Lens is extremely helpful in ICL surgery, especially for narrow angles allowing the use of minimal energy and accurate lens placement with minimal inflammation.

    I feel Volk lenses should be a necessary inclusion in the full spectrum Keratotomy-Lenticulo-Refractive surgical practice.

    Arun Gulani, MD FAAO

    Founding Director & Chief Surgeon, Gulani Vision Institute, Jacksonville, FL, USA